Brother Ds-940dw Troubleshooting

While using a printer, there are many issues encountered by the users. On this page, you’re going to see some common issues/errors that occur on the Brother DS-940DW printer and the troubleshooting instructions for the same.

When something goes wrong inside the printer, you can see the printer's LED indicators blinking. The blinking sequence of the LEDs will depend on the error that has occurred. There are five LED indicators on the Brother DS-940DW printer.

  • Error LED
  • Battery LED and Wi-Fi LED
  • SD Card LED
  • Power/Scan LED
Brother Ds-940dw Troubleshooting

Type 1: Error LED is blinking, Power/Scan LED is lit, and other LEDs are off, lit, or blinking in any color

  • If your printer's LED indicators look like this, it means that a document jam has occurred on your printer.
  • To fix it, clear the document jam on your printer by removing the jammed paper from it.

Removing the jammed paper

  • Open your printer's Output Guide followed by the top cover.
  • Now, gently pull out the jammed document from the printer.
  • Make sure that the jammed document is removed properly from the printer.

Setting the scan settings correctly

  • After clearing the document jam, set the scan preferences correctly.
  • For example, if you're scanning a large document, then make sure that the Long Paper option is selected.
  • Make sure that your printer's top cover is closed.

Type 2: Error, SD card, and Power/Scan LEDs are blinking, and other LEDs are off

When your printer's firmware update is in progress, you can see this sequence of LED indicators on the control panel.

Type 3: Error LED is blinking, Power/Scan LED is lit, SD Card indicator is off, and other LEDs are off, lit, or blinking in any color

When there is not sufficient storage space available in the destination folder, you can see this sequence on your printer control panel.

  • Make some free storage space on your computer.
  • After making enough space, perform the scan to PC operation.

Type 4: Error LED is blinking, Power/Scan LED is lit, Wi-Fi LED is on or lit, SD Card LED is off, and Battery LED is lit, off, or blinking in any color

  • When the access error occurs on your printer, this LED sequence is displayed.
  • To fix it, check whether your printer is connected to the computer securely using the USB cable.
  • Make sure that the Scan to PC settings are configured correctly.

Type 5: Error LED is blinking, SD Card is off, Wi-Fi LED is blinking slowly, Power/Scan is lit, and Battery LED is lit, off, or blinking in any color

This sequence indicates the Wireless Network Connection Error.

  • Initially, clear the wireless network connection error by pressing the START/STOP button on your printer control panel.
  • Next, check whether the Wi-Fi network settings are configured correctly.
  • If not, configure them correctly.

If an issue occurs while performing the scan operation via AirPrint, then try the simple instructions given below.

Enable the Scan feature on your printer's Web-Based Management page, if it is disabled. To do so, go to the Web-Based Management page of your printer. Select Network -> Protocol -> AirPrint Scanning.To know more about how to fix the Brother DS-940DW printer issues, contact us.


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