QUICK GUIDE ON Brother Mfc-j485dw Troubleshooting

Brother MFC-J485DW is a compact and easy-to-connect All-in-One inkjet printer. You’ll be able to get the maximum functionality out of your printer when it is connected to your wireless network. Being an All-in-One printer, Brother MFC-J485DW provides the best user experience. But what if something worse happens? No need to worry. You can quickly fix the issues on your printer using simple troubleshooting steps. Here, we have given a few solutions for some common problems that can happen on your printer. Continue reading them to learn about Brother MFC-J485DW troubleshooting.

Brother Mfc-j485dw Troubleshooting

Case 1: Printing issues

  • When your printer is not printing any documents, the first thing you should check is the printer status.
  • If your printer is not in the ready state, check the power cord connecting it to the electrical outlet. Reboot your printer and wait for it to come to the ready state.
  • Check if your printer is loaded with enough paper.
  • Cancel the pending print jobs and retry to print your document.
  • Make sure you select your printer’s name in the Print dialog box before printing your document.
  • Also, check the print settings in the printer properties window before printing your document.
  • If the printing issue persists, run the printer troubleshooter on your computer.
  • You can also reinstall the printer driver to fix the unsolved printing issue.

Case 2: Network connection issues

  • If your Brother MFC-J485DW printer is not connecting to your wireless network, check if the wireless credentials are correct.
  • Check if the connection is stable.
  • Remove Wi-Fi interference near your router, if any.
  • If the network connection issue remains unsolved, use the Brother Network Connection Repair tool to fix the issues automatically.

In case you are stuck during the Brother MFC-J485DW troubleshooting, contact us for assistance in resolving it.

Case 3: Scan issues

  • When your Brother MFC-J485DW printer is not scanning the documents, check the original document placed on the scanner glass.
  • If you have loaded the original document into the ADF, remove and reinsert it.
  • You should select your scanner name in the drop-down menu before clicking Scan in the ControlCenter.
  • Try to increase the scanning resolution.
  • If the problem persists, reinstall the scanner driver.

Case 4: Paper issues

  • If your Brother MFC-J485DW printer shows the Paper Jam error message on the LCD, turn it off and then disconnect the AC power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Pull the paper tray out of the printer.
  • Press the two green levers inside the printer to release the jammed paper.
  • After taking out the jammed paper, open the scanner unit.
  • Check for any paper jammed inside the printer. If so, remove it without damaging the parts inside the printer.

What to do to avoid paper jam issues in the future?

  • Remember not to load more than the maximum limit.
  • Always use printer-supported media for printing.
  • Make sure not to adjust the paper stack tightly with the paper guides.
  • Always fan the paper stack before you load it into the tray.

You have now seen a few steps of Brother MFC-J485DW troubleshooting.


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