The Brother MFC L9570CDW printer setup procedure hardly takes 15-20 minutes. The setup procedure includes unpacking, loading the paper, and software installation. Check this post for more detailed information about the setup procedure.

Let’s begin with the unboxing process. Open the product box and check all the components present in it. Take out the packaging materials from the box along with the Brother MFC L9570CDW printer. Keep the printer aside.

Now, remove all the protective materials from the inside and outside of your printer.

Since your printer comes with cartridges preinstalled, take out the printer's toner cartridge and drum unit assembly. You'll find four cartridges installed in the drum unit. Remove them gently. Now, take out all the protective tapes from it. Re-install the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly into the printer.

With the cartridge installation complete, continue to load the paper.


Loading the paper:

  • Pull out the paper output tray.
  • Slide the paper guides and start loading the paper.
  • Later, place backthe paper tray back into the printer.
  • Now, it's time to connect the power cord to turn on the printer.

Connecting the power cord:

  • Connect one end of the supplied power cord to the back of your Brother printer and the opposite end to a wall socket.
  • Press the Power button. The printer turns on immediately. Now, you can set the basic settings required for performing the operation.

Now, you've completed the hardware setup. Proceed with the software installation.

Installation of the software:

Since your Brother printer comes with an installation disc, you can insert it into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Through whichBy doing so, you can install the driver and software package for performing the task.

Otherwise, you can manually download the software and driver package from the official Brother website.


The Brother printer driver acts as a translator between your printer and computer. It can be downloaded from the official website or by inserting the supplied CD-ROM into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Basically, it builds communication and sends data that is understandable by your printer.


After downloading the printer driver from the official Brother website, you need to install it to begin the communication between the printer and computer.

  • On your Windows computer, locate and double-click the downloaded file. The Brother setup screen appears. on the screen. Complete the on-screen instructions on the setup screen.

When prompted, choose the connection method. After selecting the connection type, continue with the further on-screen instructions.

  • If you're using the Brother installation disc, the setup screen appears immediately after inserting it into your computer's CD/DVD drive. If the Brother setup wizard does not appear, go to This PC . Locate and double-click the CD/DVD icon.
  • Now, double-click start.exe. Complete the on-screen instructions to finish the driver installation process.

The driver installation is now complete.


The Brother manufacturer provides an online user manual written in plainsimple language. Downloading the user manual is very simple. Refer to the steps given below.

  • Using your computer’s web browser, visit the manufacturer’s website.
  • On the Brother home page, enter the product name in the search field and click Search. It directs you to the Downloads page. In the left navigation bar, click the Manuals tab.
  • Choose the required OS family and OS version and click OK.
  • Click Download next to your preferred user manual.


The wireless setup can be done using the One Push method of WPS. For this, you need to complete the router setup.

One Push method:

  • On your Brother printer control panel, go to the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Network menu. From the Network screen, press WLAN.  
  • Now, select WPS.
  • On the LCD display, the Enable WLAN? message appears.
  • Later, press the WPS button of your wireless router when your printer's touchscreen displays a message indicating you to press the WPS button and press OK. The Brother printer detects the router and connects to the wireless network.
  • You'll see a Connected message displaying on the screen. The wireless setup is now complete.


Scan setup using ControlCenter4 utility:

From the ControlCenter4 utility, you can choose your preferred interfaces. The available interfaces are:

  • Home mode
  • Advanced mode

To select or change the interface, start the ControlCenter4 utility on your Windows computer.

  • Navigate to Configuration and then select the Mode Select option.
  • The mode dialog box opens now. In the mode dialog box, select one of the interfaces.
  • If you are selecting the Home Mode option, check the following settings before scanning.
  • Click the Scan tab at the top. You’ll find some of the functions that can be used for scanning.
  • Before scanning, choose the file type for saving.
  • You can configure the settings in the PC Scan setting area, such as document size or resolution. Confirm the settings once again and then start the scanning process.

The scan setup is now complete.


  • To scan documents using the Scan to PC feature, load the documents on the flatbed. Later, press Scan and then navigate to select the to PC option.
  • Now, select the required option. For example, select to Image.
  • In case the printer is connected to a network, make sure that you select the computer.
  • Make your preferred choice of settings and then click Start.


Since your Brother printer features the Scan to E-mail function, you can send the scanned documents as an email attachment.

  • At first, load your document and then press the Scan button on the printer.
  • Now, navigate to the to PC option and select E-mail.
  • Select Options to change the scan settings. Otherwise, press Start. 


At first, you need to set up a scan to network profile.  To do that, refer to the steps given below. 

  • Open a web browser and then type your printer's IP address. Hit the Enter key. 
  • On the next page, click Scan
  • In the left navigation bar, click the Scan to Network option. 
  • Now, select Network and click Submit. 
  • Return to the Scan to network menu. 
  • From there, choose your preferred profile. 
  • Do the necessary settings. Finally, click Submit
  • Now, load the originals on the scanner glass. 
  • On your printer control panel, select Scan and then press to Network. 
  • Press Start to begin the scanning process.


To replace the toner cartridge, you will have to open the top cover of your printer. The LCD screen displays the color of the toner cartridge. So, make sure that you position the correct toner cartridge while replacing it.

After taking out the toner cartridge,

  • Push down the green lock lever to remove the toner cartridge.
  • Unpack the new one and remove all the protective materials from it.
  • Insert it into the drum unit.
  • Now, you can install the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly into the printer.


You’ll find the default password at the back of your Brother MFC-L9570CDW printer. The Brother manufacturer requests its users to change the default login password. Here’s how to change the default password.

Changing the printer default password:

  • Use your computer’s web browser and follow these steps.
  • Type your Brother printer’s IP address in the URL bar. Hit the Enter key. The web-based management page opens. Now, type the default password in the login section and then select the Administrator tab.
  • Now, you can type the new password in the Enter New Password field.
  • Type the password again to confirm the action, and then click Submit.
  • Now, you’ve successfully changed the default password. It protects your Brother MFC- L9570CDW printer from any unauthorized access.


Though your Brother printer works very well with its advanced features, it encounters some problems, making you feel annoyed. You can troubleshoot the printer problems very easily when you find the cause of it. After identifying the cause of your Brother printer problem, implement the solutions as described on our support page to resolve it.

You can do a factory reset from your Brother printer to restore all of the settings to its factory defaults. Here’s how to do it.

  • Before you use the factory reset function, make sure that you unplug all interface cables.
  • On your printer control panel, press the up or down arrow key.
  • When you see the Reset menu option, select it and then press OK.

The Paper Jam issue is caused due to excessive paper loading. It can be resolved by referring to the steps given below.

  • At first, pull out the paper tray completely out of the printer. Remove the jammed papers.
  • Now, press the front cover release button. It opens the front cover.
  • Take out your Brother toner cartridge and drum unit assembly. Remove the jammed papers.
  • Check that you remove all the jammed papers. Later, insert the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back into the printer and close the front cover.
  • Now, open the output tray at the back of your printer.
  • Remove all the jammed papers. Open the MP tray and remove the jammed papers from the inside and outside of the MP tray. Now, close the MP tray and reload the paper into the MP tray.

Though today’s technology is advanced, printers throw error messages now and then. For example, you might find a message stating that your printer is offline. It makes you feel worried, as it happens whenever you try to do any important work. Don’t worry. Refer to this section to troubleshoot the offline printer issue.

  • At first, check whether your printer is set as the default printer. In case you are a Windows user, click the Start menu at the screen's bottom-left corner. Type “control panel” on the computer’s search bar and choose that option from the search results.
  • Navigate to Devices and Printers. Now, locate and right-click the printer icon.
  • Select Set a s default printer. 
  • You can also clear all the print jobs by selecting the Cancel All Documents option by right-clicking the printer icon. It mostly fixes the offline printer issue.
  • Now, check the printer status. To check, navigate to Control Panel. From there, select Hardware and Sounds and choose Devices and Printers.
  • Find and right-click the printer icon. Select See what’s printing.
  • Click the Printer menu at the top.
  • Now, deselect the Use Printer Offline option, if it is selected. It resolves the offline printer issue.

For more queries related to BROTHER MFC-L9570CDW SETUP and troubleshooting, kindly reach our friendly technical experts.


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