QUICK GUIDE ON Connect Brother Hl-l2360dw Printer To Wifi

The Brother HL L2360DW printer supports wireless and wired networking. Preferring wireless networking to connect the printer to your computer is a good idea. You can easily perform the wireless setup in absolutely no time. Refer to this post for simple steps.

Connect Brother Hl-l2360dw Printer To Wifi

Connect the Brother HL L2360DW printer to Wi-Fi

You can establish the wireless connection using the printer control panel Setup Wizard. Check the steps given below.

  • Before you begin, complete the router setup procedure.
  • On the Brother printer control panel, select Network and then press OK.
  • Navigate to WLAN. Now, press the up or down symbol to select Setup Wizard and then press OK.
  • The Enable WLAN? screen appears. Select On to start the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • On the printer LCD, a list of SSIDs appears. Find and select your SSID.
  • Continue with the further on-screen instructions. After a few minutes, the printer connects to the wireless network.
  • If your Brother HL L2360DW printer is successfully connected to your wireless network, you can see the Connected message on the LCD.

Alternatively, if you wish to connect the Brother printer to a wireless network using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup method, refer to the section given below.

Establishing wireless connection using the One Push method of Wi-Fi Protected Setup:

To start with, perform the router setup procedure. Ensure that the router setup procedure is complete and it is ready to connect with the printer.

  • On the printer control panel, select the Network option and then press OK.
  • Navigate to WLAN.
  • Press the up or down arrow symbol to select WPS and then press OK.
  • You will see the Enable WLAN? message appear on the screen. Select ON.
  • The Wireless Setup Wizard starts now. On your printer’s LCD, the Press key on rtr message appears. When you see that, press the WPS button on the wireless router.
  • The printer now detects the wireless network. If your Brother printer is connected successfully, you’ll see the Connected message appearing on the screen. You can also print the wireless status report and check the connection status.

You’ve now seen how to connect your Brother HL L2360DW printer to Wi-Fi. Now, you can perform your printing work without any delay.


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